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Souvenir Footprints by Paws of Remembrance

Available in Canada since 2012

Pets are more than just companions, they are full members of our families. Unfortunately, their lives are often much shorter than ours, which means we have to say goodbye to our beloved furry friends sooner than we’d like.

That’s where Paws of Remembrance comes in with our timeless keepsake prints. Our keepsake prints are a unique and meaningful way to commemorate your pet’s life, by capturing a treasured imprint of their paw.

Give those who lose their pet the commemoration they deserve and give them a timeless keepsake imprint from Paws of Remembrance. Not only will this allow your customers to have a treasured memory of their furry friend forever, but it can also bring comfort to anyone who has been touched by their lives.

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Two easy steps, ready in one minute

It is a self-hardening, non-toxic material on which you can make imprints. The box includes a shadow box that is bound in faux leather and in which you can insert the poem included or a 4×5 photo of the animal, a sympathy card from your team is also included.

You don’t have to bake, roll or rework clay. It is simply a matter of removing the waterproof film, making the impression and folding the shadow box. You can offer a timeless gift to your client in less than a minute.

Every week, most veterinary hospitals have the difficult task of euthanizing a client’s beloved pet. The veterinary team is not immune to the emotional stress that can be caused by euthanizing an animal they have followed for years. They also created a bond of trust with the owner of the animal. Offering a souvenir imprint to the owner of the animal at the time of euthanasia is a gesture of extreme delicacy. The souvenir imprint is ready in one minute and then offered to the client along with a message of sympathy.

Included: A gift box, a poem and a sympathy card.

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Paw Print Canada, case, paws of remembrance

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Keep a memorable memory

Our cases

Your client will always remember the kindness and sympathy that you and your team showed him. Our memory prints should be included in the euthanasia process, not optional.

30 piece case